Pharmaceutical Products

“We can’t solve problems by using hte same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

Allergy – Allosergia

A person without allergies would have no reaction – Allosergia

Angina Pectoris – Ocecard

Avert the risks by toning the heart with Ocecard, the preferred cardiotonic

Anorexia – Appetomax

Physical & Psychological reasons may lead to loss of appetite.

Asthma – Airolin

No one who breathes correctly has Asthma – Airolin

Constipation Pediatric – Laxokid

Constipation in children may develop due to unhealthy bowel habits

Diabetes Mellitus – Diabomin

Progressive cell degeneration is more than regeneration

Female Disorders – Femon C

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Amenorrhea or Oligomenorrhea

Hypertension – Ocecard

Avert the risks by toning the heart with Ocecard, the preferred cardiotonic

Hyperlipidemia – Ocelip

Controlling high lipid levels is a life-long challenge – Ocelip

Male Sexual Disorders – Ocewave

Sexual dysfunction can be a result of physical or psychological problems

Memory Enhancer – Memocin

Handling Pressure of performance can be stressful – Memocin

Nutritional Supplement – Nutrocean

Intense levels stress may cause necrosis. Control Stress with Nutrocean

Obesity – Ocelim

Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death

Piles / Hemorrhoids – Oceheal

Predisposing factors may be increased capillary permeability

Renal Calculus – Uriease C

Long-term adverse effects of lithotripsy may include loss of renal function

Antibacterial – Ocemic

For common viral & bacterial infections… Ocemic

Platelets – Ocekova

Lock & safeguard time, becoz time is life…Ocekova

Pregnancy – Nilotorch

To avoid Recurrent Pregnancy losses due to unknown etiology

Gumfa – Supplement

Every child only deserves the best…Gumfa

Secmet – PCOS

Acne, Acanthosis, Hirsutism, Obesity, Infertility, Hair Loss, Irregular Menses