Time is money… We feel its wrong as… no wallet can hold, lock & safeguard time, becoz time is life.

O – Offerbiological membrane stabilization

C – Controls Inflamation of joint

E – Encourage to raise thrombocytes

K – Knocks empysema in smokers

O – Offer 15 fold increase in ALOX-12 gene

V – Viable reduction in hospitalization

A – Accelerates the platelets production

Green Corridor for Thrombocytopenia

Each capsule contains


Botanical Name

Qty. Mg


Papaya Leaf Extract
Carica papaya
Offer biological membrane stabilization
Prevents internal bleeding
Controls Inflammation of joint
Surgical wound healing
Encourage to raise thrombocytes
Hb, RBC and total protein
Knocks empysema in smokers
Protects the health of lungs
Offers 15 fold increase in ALOX-12 gene
For platelets conversions
Viable reduction is hospitalisation
Infection, days & cost
Accelerates the platelets production
By spleenic constrictions

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