Angina Pectoris – Ocecard

Uncontrolled hypertension may lead to kidney failure and coronary artery disease. Avert the risks by toning the heart with Ocecard, the preferred cardiotonic.

In the management of

Mild To Moderate Hypertension

Adjuvant To Angina Therapy

Patients With Cardiac Risk Factors


  • Arjun (Terminalla Arjuna): Increases coronary artery flow and protects myocardium against ischemic damage.
  • Sarpagandha( Rauwolfia serpentina): Lowers the blood pressure through vasodilatation.
  • Punarnava (Voerhaavia Diffusa): Inhibits angiontensin converting enzyme and works as Natural calcium channel blocker.
  • Contains large amount of potassium salts which accounts for its diuretic property.
  • Lasun (Allium Sativum): Prevents thrombosis by increasing prothrombin time and also exerts f ibrinolytic action.
  • Reduces significantly the arteriosclerotic plaque volume.
  • Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia): Clears the micro-circulatory system and other bodily channels.
  • Triphala promotes the peristaltic action facilitates the evacuation of the bowel more effortlessly.
  • Jatamansi (Nardostachys): Calms the mind

Results in reduction of blood pressure in a gradual manner which decreases the chances of hypotension.


Adults1 tablet twice daily.

Each capsule contains


Botanical Name

Qty. Mg


Arjun extract
Terminalia arjuna
Anti-ischemic , Antihypertensive, Hypolipidemic
Sarpagandha extract
Rauwolfia serpentine
Triphala powder
Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia
Laxative, Hypolipidemic
Punarnava powder
Boerhaavia diffusa
Diuretic, Antihypertensive
Guduchi extract
Tinospora cordifolia
Antioxidant, Adaptogenic
Jatamansi extract
Nardostachys jatamansi
Antioxidant, Adaptogenic, Mild Tranquilizer
Lasun extract
Allium sativum
Antihypertensive, Hypolipidimic, Fibrinolytic
Processed with 1 Bhavana of
Triphala kwath
Embelica officinalis, Terminalia belerica,
Terminalia chebula

What our customers have to say…

  • “Ocean Lifecare's Rhumoril Oil has proved to be very beneficial to my mother, who has been having recurring joint pains for the last couple of years. I had tried many similar products earlier, but none had the effectiveness of Rhumoril. I highly suggest using Ocean Lifecare's Rhumoril product to all out there having severe arthritis or joint pain.”
    Pandit Kaivalyakumar
    India's Leading Classical Music Singer
  • “I have been using both OCELIV Tablet and OCELIV Syrup of OCEAN LIFECARE Pvt. Ltd. in patients with history of Liver problem due to alcohol addiction, SLUGGISH LIVER, INFECTIVE HEPATITIS and associated ANOREXIA. My experience has been excellent in terms of efficacy in my patients. I have observed significant clinical and systemic improvement after using OCELIV. The patient compliance to the product has been good.”
    Dr. S.N.Oswal
  • “Every weather change is a challenge to me due to cough and as qualified Physician and a home maker, was immensely pleased and surprised to find an effective Cough syrup, Ocean’s OCECOUGH, a product containing only natural ingredients with no alcohol and having no sedative effect. After getting firsthand experience, I used it in treating my daughter’s cough and am happy to it effective and safe in children as well. To top it, my daughter loved the taste of OCECOUGH.”
    Ashwini Dagadkhair
  • “I have problem of first stage piles since last one year, and used Piloheal Cream and Capsule for only ten days and got a good result. This is the best Ayurvedic medicine I found ever. It reduced pain and stopped bleeding and gave me relief. I always wanted to get a natural, effective and safe solution for my piles. Now confidently recommend Piloheal to my friends and family.”
    Swapnil Ghadge
    Sr.Manager Aavas Financiers

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