Summer is the time of the year when you have to worry about a whole assortment of ailments and allergies. One such impending thing waiting to ruin your summer fun is piles or hemorrhoids as it is medically known. There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options available to remove these hemorrhoids, and various ointments, creams, and suppositories to help ease the pain. However, it is better that we look at ways to avoid this ailment from ruining our summer altogether.

Causes of Hemorrhoids in Hot Weather Conditions

The condition occurs when the blood vessels or tissues in your rectum swell and cause itchiness, pain, and irritation. During summer months, the temperature is already extreme and if you have to sit at a place for extended durations of time, you might irritate the already sensitive hemorrhoids leading to extreme pain and discomfort. The other reasons that might cause piles are chronic constipation or diarrhea, pregnancy, lifting heavy weights, or straining while moving your bowel. It might also be a genetic condition which may present itself as one ages.

Symptoms of Piles

· Painful lump in the anal cavity causing itchiness, pain, soreness, and swelling.

· Discomfort while passing stool and feeling of full bowel throughout the day.

· Possible anal bleeding or presence of blood in the affected area.

· Inability to control stool.

· Creation of anal fistula.

Tips to Avoid Piles This Summer

While summer heat is inevitable, here are a few tips that could help you avoid getting piles this summer season.

#1. Eat Fibrous Food

This is the primal advice you would get to avoid piles. You would need a regular dosage of both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber (roughage) to keep your bowel up and running smooth.

A normal adult would require around 25-30gms of fiber every day which can be compensated by regular intake of beans, legumes, lentils, whole grains, leafy vegetables, cucumber, celery, watermelon, berries, grapes, and tomatoes. Keeping your bowels would lessen your risk of constipation and, as a result, of piles.

#2. Drink Loads of Water

This is by far the simplest and the most under-rated tip one can get to prevent hemorrhoids. Keeping your yourself adequately hydrated would not only keep your body temperature in check, but also help you prevent constipation and decrease the strain during excretion.

#3. Getting the Right Amount of Exercise

It is important to include a daily dose of physical activity in your regime as it helps in keeping the colon healthy. However, lifting heavy weights and putting too much of pressure on your abdomen can result in the formation of hemorrhoids. So, if you are prone to piles, it is advisable that you refrain from lifting too much of heavyweights or indulging in exercises that might strain your abdomen.

#4. Judicial Usage of Laxatives

When you have a constipated bowel movement, it is normal to want to ease it a bit through laxatives. In fact, fiber supplements and certain natural laxatives help in boosting metabolism and preventing hemorrhoids. However, some laxatives stimulate intestinal contractions to ease your bowel and this can put stress on your rectum leading to hemorrhoid pressures.

It is better to opt for laxatives that work with your body and increase the water content in your intestines. Never resist your bowel movement and fight the urge for long intervals of time. This can not only cause severe repercussions to the health of your kidneys, but also put excessive strain on your rectum when you finally try to push your bowels.

#5. Eat Fresh and Wholesome Food

Your health entirely depends on what and how you eat. Swap your white bread with a more wholesome wheat bread or multigrain bread. Add salads and fresh fruits (preferably with their skin) in your diet on a regular basis. Try resisting the urge to eat buttery, fried, and spicy food. Cutting down on your alcohol consumption, caffeine, and smoking would also help you a great deal in preventing piles. Avoid processed, refined, and white food like refined flour, sugar, white bread, bagels, milk, cheese, meat, frozen food, etc.

Curing hemorrhoids

The following non-surgical options can help you in treating and curing hemorrhoids:

· Creams and suppositories to ease the swelling and pain.

· Laxatives to relax constipation.

· Corticosteroids to ease the pain and inflammation.

For more severe cases, the doctor may prescribe any of the following methods:

· Banding

· Hemorrhoidectomy

· Infrared coagulation

· Sclerotherapy

· Hemorrhoid stapling

Take Away

Summertime can be a bit difficult for those prone to hemorrhoids. However, a healthy lifestyle coupled with a good diet can help you keep piles at bay. While there is a cure for this, it is definitely better to avoid this condition altogether and refrain from experiencing all the pain and discomfort associated with it. You can anytime consider using Natural Medicines like Piloheal for relief from Piles & Hemorrhoids.