It is a matter of immense pleasure to write about,”OCEAN LIFECARE”, a phytoactive company dealing with plant extracts, processed in accordance with modern medicine, backed with therapeutic evaluation based on clinical findings

Few doctors did express their concern about prescribing Ayurvedic medicines. Recent amendments & FDA alert have created these controversies. We agree these subjects are not a part of modern medicine & precisely are viewed as constraints.

We, at Ocean Lifecare, have opted for a less trodden path of revolutionizing the Phytoactive arena by,

  • Promoting the brands to allopathic consultants where the efficacy of brands matters, which can be verified by clinical evaluation.
  • Erase the misconnect about herbal medicine that all herbal medicines are natural, effective & safe.At Ocean, we believe, Phytoactive s are concentrated nutrients documented to induce therapeutic response & strictly should be prescribed by consultants as they understand the patient in totality. We are dedicated to promoting the brands strictly on the merits & efficacy for the given indication.
  • Not a single ocean brand is promoted through any print & electronic media as doctors are the author of patients’ health & every Rx generated by doctors like you speaks about the efficacy of the medicine.
  • Ocean’s brands stand for the clinical evaluations as all these formulations are the sincere efforts of bridging the gap of ancient science with modern medicine.
  • Our Ocean Basket is loaded with multiple benefits like patients convenient dosages (one tab BID/TID), active principles standardization, patented world star award winning packaging which ensures minimal human touch with 1 tab dispensing at a time.

By now, you would have thought, why such exercise to meet the allopathic leaders & promote the phytoactives when sales can be generated by meeting any doctor? When the brands are committed to delivering the claim with multiple benefits & the company has adopted ONLY PRESCRIPTION route through leaders of allopathy & every brand stand for the clinical evaluation, why not put ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Few have dared to adopt this route & we, at the ocean, are dedicated to walk the path & only your support will create this vision into reality. We assure you will be proud of our achievement. Looking forward to your support in nurturing Ocean Lifecare, your line of reply in this regard will highly be appreciated & treasured.