When two or more compatible herbs are put together, in a balanced formula, a remedy is created which is greater than the sum of its parts. This remedy provides the optimum absorption & contains not only the active nutrients but also its unique life force & potency.

Herbs have been used historically for a number of conditions from acute injury to chronic disease. The armies of Alexander the great, Romans & Egyptians made use of licorice roots to increase stamina & improve performance. Today, scientists have discovered that licorice roots excite the adrenal glands and impacts the steroid hormone functions.

The entire issue lies with the development of best & safest level of dosage…at all times the minimum dosages are best; this is called “Principle of the Minimum Dosages.”

We at Ocean Herbal personally choose the raw materials that go into the formulation; tests are conducted to provide optimal dosage, quality & compatibility.

What herbs to use, which forms, what dosage, which processes, all are the important parameters to the finished product.

To maintain the activity by preserving the nutrients & present it in customer-friendly forms, still adhering to the Principle of Minimum Dosages to achieve the desired effect is still a challenge.

Ocean Herbal system involves stringent raw material inspection & collection, then to be processed for the formulation while adhering to the ancient principle of alchemy. Every formulation of Ocean is a mark of Powerful R & D back up & commitment to the innovation. Natural plant oxidation is inhibited to maintain freshness & active profile of herbs. The formulations are free from artificial substances. We, at Ocean Herbal, guarantee our brands to customer satisfaction. As every formulation that is been created based on R& D, tested at our labs & finally is dressed to offer the unique benefit that we just acquired from nature. Every brand of Ocean that leave the factory after final dressing is the verdict of quality, commitment & innovation.No wonder, these brands are endorsed all over.

And it does not end here… the unique bottle of ocean herbal ensure the stacking that is apt, shape that is uniquely coupled with Spacer…. to have one at a time tablet mechanism, so when you hold the bottle, just listen to the tinkling song & silent music of earthy beauty, just open the seal of quality and watch only single tablet sliding its way on the hand. The Ocean herbal unique packing has already won the accolade…… best packaging award of all India & is nominated for Asia star….and we are sure of customer satisfaction.

Things to remember when you want to adopt herbal magic…

  • It takes 5-7 times the normal amount of nutrition to build & repair than it does to maintain.
  • Eat 3 good meals per day, avoid sugar & junk foods, tea or coffee as it just deletes the nutrition and will halt the progress of recovery.
  • Nothing chronic heals the body in less than three months, even though the symptoms disappear. To achieve the longer lasting healing, it is highly advisable to continue for minimum 3 months.
  • Maintenance programme can be followed afterward.
  • Be consistent with your programme. Although many experience the miraculous effect, it is not going to disappear overnight; it took almost many years to be like this way. If you have not given minimum 90 days, you have not given a fair go.
  • Herbs are concentrated nutrition; many contain active principle so it is advisable to take the preparation in the given dosage.
  • You need to drink a lot of water with herbal preparation.
  • The reaction of 5 senses is the good barometer of an appropriate remedy. In general, the herb should taste good, feel good & smell good.
  • Do not combine prescription drugs & herbs together, keep them at least one hour apart.
  • Never take cleansing herbs in pregnancy. Always consult your physician for choosing the herbal programme during pregnancy.
  • We clean out teeth every day; does it not make sense also to clean our cells & tissues? Respect nature, admire the gift of health.

Ocean Herbal brings you, the wave of new green revolution, just endorse the green life.

Disclaimer: ocean herbal & author of Power of herbs make no claim that any information, opinion, statement contain herein is an attempt to diagnose, or prescribe for any condition or claim that any herbal, nutritional supplement can cure, palliate or ameliorate any conditions. Because herbs have been used as food and medicine for many years, they are considered safe within the cautions & contraindications and the dosages & ranges used, mentioned herewith. This material is offered as educational literature & contains the learning & experience of many herbal professionals.